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MEGA’s list management and promotional services ensure the best possible exposure for maximum list rental revenue. We promote our clients’ lists aggressively, utilizing a variety of successful channels in which to market your list. Trade publications, online database resources, targeted email promotions and personal sales calls all have an important role in generating interest, encouraging sales and, ultimately, creating revenue for our list owners
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We understand that privacy and the security of your names is of paramount importance. And we know that your list, whether donors, subscribers or buyers, is clearly one of your most valuable assets. At MEGA, we share those concerns with our list owners and go to great lengths to protect that asset, diligently following your restrictions and guidelines for list use, carefully screening all offers and keeping schedules of mailers and their mail dates. Seed names are added to all list management properties and vigilant tracking of approved mail packages and assigned mail dates helps to ensure no unauthorized use of a file. 

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In addition, we collaborate with our list owners to identify the most marketable segments of your file. In an effort to avoid impacting your own renewal dollars, we take into consideration your renewal programs - which segments are included on a regular basis and which segments should be available to outside mailers. For rental lists, special discounts, net/net arrangements, promotional pricing, etc. is first discussed with our list owners prior to implementation.
MEGA excels at negotiating exchange relationships for our clients. We strive to minimize costs for our clients by finding mutually-beneficial exchange files. MEGA will verify exchange balances for our list owners and continuously updates these balances through our proprietary list exchange system to ensure accuracy and clarity. Detailed list rental and list exchange reports are provided on a monthly basis.
We cover all the bases in the management of your list.   Going the extra mile for our clients is standard procedure at MEGA…and you will discover we have very high standards!
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