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Hikers in Mountainous Landscape
Your organization has concluded that they can no longer solely rely on their internal house file for their fundraising efforts. “Where do we find the new donors to support our cause?” It is a question we hear over and over from our clients and one that we have spent years successfully answering. MEGA Inc. offers the expertise and experience to assist your organization with the journey ahead. 

We know that one of the most important strategic decisions in your fundraising plan is ensuring that your message is being received by the most responsive audience. That is why we provide detailed, personalized list brokerage and selection services to our fundraising clients.  
MEGA Inc. will assist with every step along the way to ensure that your fundraising goals are being met:
Business Meeting
-    Consultation for Planning Goals & Expectations
-    Mail Plan Creation and Recommendations
-    Package Critique and Creative Design Solutions
-    Clearing Mail Dates for Desired Lists
-    Order Placement and Follow Up for Timely Delivery
-    Merge/Purge Processing
-    Detailed Review of Performance Using Industry Leading Analytics
At MEGA we are donor acquisition specialists that know, Results Matter. Our team will ensure that every mail plan is analyzed for maximum value and return on investment. It’s a long road to the top of the mountain; let MEGA be your guide.
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