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MEGA’s list management and promotional services ensure the best possible exposure for maximum list rental revenue. We promote aggressively, placing announcements in trade publications, listings in SRDS DirectNet, the most up-to-date on-line list resource available to brokers, NextMark, targeted e-mail promotions, and personal sales calls.

  •   We work closely with our list owners, following their restrictions and guidelines for list use, while advising them of best practices in the industry.  We carefully screen all offers and assign mail dates accordingly.

  • In addition, we collaborate with our list owners in identifying the most marketable segments of their file. We take into consideration their renewal programs, which segments are included on a regular basis and which segments could be made available to outside mailers without impacting their own renewal dollars. Special discounts, net/net arrangements, promotional pricing, etc. is first discussed with list owners before implementation.

  • MEGA also handles the list management of names that are available on exchange only.  When a new client come to MEGA with an exchange file, exchange balances are verified and start balances posted to our in-house exchange system.  MEGA utilizes a proprietary list software program that accurately records all future exchanges at the time of order entry.

  • MEGA works closely with our list owners ensuring only those mailers approved by our list owners have access to these exchange names. All new or questionable requests are first cleared through our list owners.

  • Detailed list rental and list exchange reports are provided on a monthly basis.   An analysis of exchange balances is provided to our mailers on a yearly basis.  Balances are updated daily and are made available to our list owners upon request.

  • Seed names are added to all list management properties and diligent tracking of approved mail packages and assigned mail dates helps to identify unauthorized use of a file. List owners have the option to deny future list use to chronic abusers of their list.

Over the course of 28 years of working closely with non-profit organizations, MEGA has developed many long-term relationships with freelance copywriters, production and print facilities, mail houses and data processing firms across the country.

Whether your needs are package design and production, merge purge work, mailing services, data analysis or file enhancements, MEGA can save you time and money by putting you in contact with proven, reliable direct mail firms.