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Mary Elizabeth Granger &
Associates, Inc.
110 West Road, Suite 235
Baltimore, MD  21204
Phone (410) 842-1170  
Fax (410) 842-1185


Quick ... What is the most important -- and one of the absolute costliest -- parts of your direct mail acquisition program?

             Copy?                 Wrong!                Graphics?             No!                List Selection?                YES!         

Any direct mail copy or art director whose ego still allows a hat to fit on his or her head will tell you that list selection is far and away the most important element of any new name acquisition program. At MEGA, each client receives the following services:

  • Consultation at the start of a campaign.
  • Recommendation of lists best suited to the mailing, with the highest possibility of successful results.
  • Clearance of mail dates and obtaining approvals of sample mail pieces.
  • Negotiating net name arrangements and pricing discounts.
  • Initial set-up of all current exchange balances into MEGA's automated exchange ledger module, if applicable.
  • Negotiating new list exchanges with mailers and/or their brokers and maintaining computerized exchange balance ledgers, if applicable.
  • Issuing orders and sending a List Summary Report with order confirmations.
  • Following up on shipments to ensure timely delivery.
  • Invoicing orders as materials are shipped.
  • Consultation at the end of each campaign to evaluate results.
  • Keeping mailers apprised of up-dated list information.
  • Supplying end-of-year analysis of exchange balance ledgers, if applicable.