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Mary Elizabeth Granger &
Associates, Inc.
110 West Road, Suite 235
Baltimore, MD  21204
Phone (410) 842-1170  
Fax (410) 842-1185

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I make money on donor acquisition?
Probably not!  But what you will do is gather the names and addresses of interested and generous individuals who, if handled correctly, will support the needs of your organization for years to come.

2. What is an acceptable percent of return and average donation?
It really depends on how you approach the prospective donor and the needs of your organization.  The combination of these two calculators will determine if your acquisition mailing was a success.

3. Is it better to send out a premium-oriented package i.e. labels, stationery, etc. or a straight letter appeal?
Again, this depends on the needs of your organization and your donor development budget.  A premium-based package will give you a higher percent of return with a lower gift.  You will receive a lower percent of return with a straight letter appeal, but you will see a higher donation amount.

4. I am responsible for writing grants for my organization and would like to write the acquisition appeal letter.  Is this a good idea?
There is no way to say this other than - No!  Writing good fundraising appeal letters is an art unto itself.  Without the combination of good lists targeted to the right audience with an appeal letter that reaches the heart of the prospective donor, your acquisition mailing will not succeed.

5. Okay, so now I'm ready to do an acquisition mailing.  What will the lists cost my organization?
List costs vary.  Data cards will show the published rates and terms.  Base price will be shown in addition to selection charges for recency, dollar, regional selects, etc.  Brokers receive their commission from the List Owner.  It is not added to the base cost of the list.